Question: If I had no time to pay for parking, can I make a payment later?
Yes, you are able to pay for parking session before the next day (till 23:59). You have to login to User account on and select the option “Postpay”. Then, specify the zone number where your vehicle is parked, the license plate number, the start time of the parking session and its duration.
However, you must remember that, according to paragraphs 3.4 "Payment Procedure for the use of paid parking space" (Resolution of Tula administration from 7.10.2015 №5235), you should pay for parking in advance within 30 minutes from the entry of the paid parking zone. 

 “Postpaid” option has been introduced at the request of users, who could not pay for parking session in advance for technical reasons (broken \ uncharged phone, out of funds, etc.). If vehicle owners do not pay for parking session in advance, they have to take responsibility for timely payment for the parking session later on In case of parking payment failure (for any reason), the vehicle owner will be fined according to the law.

Question: If I have spent less than 30 minutes at the paid parking zone, may I leave the parking without paying for it?

Yes, you can

Question: I have sent an SMS to pay for parking, but have not receive a reply SMS that parking was successfully paid. What should I do?


Please, check again the correctness of SMS. If you did everything correctly, contact our Call Center by phone (4872) 44-04-94. You will be informed about your further actions.

Question: I have sent an SMS to pay for parking, and in response received a message "Service is not available". Mobile operator MegaFon. What should I do?
Probably, you have activated service "Pay when convenient" (formerly "At our expense") - a modified service of credit payment system. The service allows your balance go negative, but blocks all mobile commerce. Only if this service disabled, you can access to mobile commerce. To do so, contact the operator’s service office or call the customer service center.
If you do not want to turn off this service, you can top up your parking account on In this case, when sending an SMS, the funds will be charged from your parking account, not the mobile.
Question: I have sent an SMS to pay for parking and received the response message "Your account has been debited $ 0.00. For parking the vehicle in the zone....... ..... Parking session was paid before ........." . What does it mean? Why $ 0.00?
Probably, you have tried to pay for parking after business hours: from 19-00 till 9-00, or on weekends and holidays, when parking is free of charge.