Parking Permits

Parking permits for a day, a week, a month and 3 months are valid for all parking zones of Tula parking space.
To purchase a parking permit via cash desk of MKU “Avtohozyajstvo”, you have to:
1. Make a request to the MKU “Avtohozyajstvo” at Oboronnaya str.,27
2. Fill in application form
3. Pay
for the parking permit at the cash desk
Note: In case, if you purchase the parking permit via bank transfer, you have to provide a proof of payment (receipt). The bank transfer should be made 5 calendar days before the desired date of parking permit validation.

If you have any questions about parking permit’s purchase, please contact: 
Public offer

In order to apply for the parking permit, please:

1. Sig in at
2. Log in to the User account
3. Go to Profile page
4. At Benefits/Permits section select “Pay for the permit”
5. Fill in application form 
6. Pay for the permit using one of available online payment methods
Since 3.03.2016  you are able to pay for parking permit by means on your parking account. While applying for the parking permit, you will get an information about the amount that will be withdrawn from your parking account (if there are available means on it) and how much you have to pay.

Prices for parking permit:

Daily parking permit - 135 rubles
Weekly parking permit - 600 rubles
Monthly parking permit - 2250 rubles
Parking permit for 3 moths - 6000 rubles
Terms of parking permit:
The parking permit purchased online is valid since the date selected by the payer (you can select the current day)
The parking permit that purchased for cash is valid since the date indicated in the application form, but no earlier than the day after the purchase day. 


The parking permit that purchased via bank transfer is valid since the date indicated at the application form, but no earlier than the day after the receipt of the funds to the account of MKU "Avtohozyajstvo".

Fine for violating parking rules (non-payment) - 2500 rubles