Parking permits

Question: If I am registered in the apartment, located within the paid parking zone, but I am not the owner, can I apply for a resident permit?

Yes, you can. 

Resident permit is available for owner of a dwelling and for person registered in a dwelling at paid parking zone.

Question: If I permanently live in an apartment of my relatives in the paid parking zone, but I am not the owner and not registered at this address, I can apply for a parking permit?


No, you cannot. To obtain a resident permit you need to sign the tenancy agreement with the owner of the apartment and to be registered in the apartment at the place of stay (to get a temporary residence permit).

Question: Can a trustee, when applying for the issue of a parking permit, provide power of attorney issued by service recipient in simple written form?


Powers of attorney submitted by the applicants' on behalf of the resident, a disabled veteran, or a large family does not require official authorization.