These rules determine the procedure of use of paid public parking which is located on the public roads of Tula, common rules for the operation and use of the city paid parking, as well as the rights and duties of the parking operator and vehicle drivers using the city paid parking space.
Regulations are obligatory for all persons within the territory of the city paid parking space.
·         The paid city parking space is an entire road section indicated by appropriate traffic signs and markings provided by the Rules of the traffic, approved by Russian Federation Government Decree of 23.10.1993 # 1090.   
·          Placing vehicles on a paid city parking is for a charge every day from 9:00 to 19:00 except weekends and official public holidays.
·         The User of paid city parking is obliged to make a payment within 30 minutes from the start of parking session (except in cases where the vehicle can be placed for free), or leave the city paid parking zone.

The User of paid parking space is a driver who entered the territory of paid parking zone and placed a vehicle on it.

The Users have to:

- place the vehicles according to the road marking and the requirement of traffic signs;

-  pay estimated time of parking session via parking permit or other payment methods established by the parking operator;

- keep clean the paid parking territory.

The Users cannot:

- reserve the parking lots and create any barriers for easy access for other vehicles;

- leave a vehicle on a place that is designed to other types of vehicles.

On the territory of paid parking zone, it is forbidden:

- to store any objects other than vehicles, including flammable and explosive substances;

- to smoke and drink any alcohol;

- to wash a vehicle;

- to repair a vehicle (except the cases when you are trying to eliminate damages under which it is prohibited to drive a vehicle according to Traffic Regulations approved by the Government Decree of 23.10.1993 №1090).